Ready to Travel? Tips for Utilizing Tradebank to Getaway!

beach-walkingTradebank has a perpetual list of accommodations in our trading network. Tradebank offers an array of properties from fishing and camping to mountain and beach properties.

While Tradebank is not a travel agent, we are proud to have hotels, motels, resorts, fishing and hunting camps, bed and breakfasts, and condos available in the United States, Canada, Mexico, the Caribbean, and other world-wide destinations as part of our trading network.

Where do you want to go? What is available? Tradebank is your place to start, just click on the “Directory” icon.

In order to successfully use trade dollars when traveling, it is important that you understand our procedures. The reservation process varies from property to property; some require advanced reservations, some only fill last minute vacancies. Those participating use Tradebank to help fill vacancies. Keep in mind, during the holidays, Spring break and other prime travel times, availability may be more limited and there is less excess inventory/vacancy to trade.

Using trade dollars to travel is not for everyone. Those who need to make long ranged advanced plans or are short on patience may be better suited to use trade dollars for other purchases. Those clients who have a degree of flexibility and are more relaxed about making travel plans will appreciate using trade dollars for memorable and enjoyable destinations for both personal and business travel.

Most properties require a Tradebank Travel Request Form in order to check availability and confirm reservations. The Travel Request form is found in the library at, or from your Tradebank Broker. On the reservation form, there is a box to check if you just are inquiring about the property or if you want to make reservations. The travel form must be signed before submitting to your local Tradebank Broker.

Once you submit your completed Travel Request form to your Broker, your Broker will forward the information to the Tradebank Broker who manages the client for property/properties you requested and check availability. If the property is available, the Broker will notify you and reservations can be confirmed. Please note, once reservations are made, they are not able to be changed or cancelled.

If you have a cabin, condo, and/or vacation home that is not fully utilized year-round, you may also want to include your property in Tradebank and earn additional revenue. Contact your local Tradebank Broker.

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